"Get rewarded when you get your friends to join Android's Boom Beach!"


If you like our products and would like to recommend them to your friends, please do sign up here under our Affiliates program first. We want to ensure that this way, you will be rewarded for every sale you bring to this site.

Now this is how, this works.  We used an affiliate network called ClickBank which manages our marketing, reports and payments to both affiliates and vendors. They ensure all deserving parties get paid independently and use a cookie-based system to track on who's tracking responsible for referral / affiliate sales.

Cookies can stay in your system / browser for quite a while sometimes up to 1 month, sometimes even longer. So when any sale is recorded, ClickBank will check for affiliate cookies and give credit for the sale for the responsible Affiliate ( if any ). What this means if as long as your are the last referral before the sale, you get paid for this sale. Sounds good ?


So whats the catch ? There is none actually to be honest. However, please be mindful of 2 things.

a) Some users refresh / clear their cookies on their browsers regularly. This means they might delete your tracking cookies from their browser although you made the referral! So what can you do ? Encourage users to refresh their browsers before clicking on your affiliate link, although this is not 'fool-proof'

b) We offer 60 day money back guarantee refunds with no questions asked. If your referrals do request for a  refund, this would result in Clickbank debiting your account which is as good as saying no one gets paid.


So if your new to to ClickBank, please do sign up with them as it is free. You can sign up here.

If you are an existing ClickBank user, you may also use the above link for  your affiliate link  would be as follows :-



where YOURID is your ClickBank account name. Simply, add this into your Affiliate links when you make an referral ! Remember to test your links and you can tell if its working when the link appears like below :-


Rightfully, if the above is in order, when you click on check-out to the payment page with ClickBank, the below should appear. If you see someone else's ID there then you need to clear your browser cookies, if you see 'Affiliate = none' then your link is not properly setup or working. That being the case, re-check the steps above.


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