Boom Beach had recently done some balancing changes to the looting system to reduce to amount of loot that you can get per raid, as apparently there is too much resources floating around in the Boom Beach economy.Some would wonder how this could be true. The existing Boom Beach looting system is not depending on how much resources the defending party has at any time but rather how much they had when you first discovered them on your map.

This means how much resources you win, does not equate to how much your opponent loses. This is actually done so that players have an easier time planning for their upgrades, by knowing how much resources is out there for them to farm.

This also means if two friends attack keep attacking each other, the resource economy would actually grow, despite the amount of resources being the same. This

change affects us by all new discoveries on your map. For existing opponents that appeared on your map before this change, the loot will remain until you clear them off or choose to 'Find Another Opponent'.For more about this change on looting system, you can check here